Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants anchor in the denser cheekbone, offering an alternative for full-arch restorations in patients with bone density issues.
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Zygomatic implants
Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants have transformed the way Dentists approach full-arch restorations. It offers alternative approaches to patients suffering from bone density issues, as traditional Implants may not be the optimal solution. This blog delves into the science behind zygomatic implants and how they can restore function and aesthetics to patients smiles.

What are zygomatic implants?

The name originates from the "zygomatic bone”, also called the cheekbone. These implants are rooted and placed in the cheekbone, which is denser and more robust than a jawbone. This makes it an ideal anchor point for the implant compared to the jawbone, which may have experienced significant bone loss.


What Type Of Patients Do Zygomatic Implants Suit?

Zygomatic implants are primarily used for patients with bone loss in their jaw.

For example:

  • Patients with severe bone loss in their upper jaw find opting for traditional dental implants challenging.
  • Patients who may have already tried traditional bone grafting procedures with limited success or patients who may not be candidates for bone grafting due to medical conditions.
  • Patients who have a narrow or shallow upper jaw, which can make it challenging to place traditional implants.


What Is The Difference Between Zygomatic and Normal Dental Implants?


The most significant differences between conventional and Zygomatic Implants are the location of implantation and the depth of each implant.


  • The Zygoma Implants are placed and rooted from the cheekbone, unlike traditional ones in the jawbone.
  • The cheekbone is far from your teeth; these implants are slightly longer and offer higher stability and strength than conventional implants.
  • The advantange of Zygomatic Implant is that the temporary Denture can be placed as permanent during the healing period.


Why Are Zygoma Implants Inserted Into The Back Of The Jaw?

Zygomatic Dental Implants are inserted into the back of the jaw because the cheekbone in this area is denser and can hold the implant with a tighter and better grip than other areas of the jawbone. The location provides a secure anchor point for the implant and can withstand the pressure of chewing, grinding, and biting.


How Is A Treatment Plan For Zygomatic Implants Prepared?

The experience of getting a Zygomatic Implant is often a seamless one. A treatment plan is unique for anyone.

  • A thorough teeth examination is the primary step in preparing a zygomatic treatment plan. This will help your Dentist determine the extent of your bone loss and identify the best location for the implants.
  • Once the examination is complete, a treatment plan will outline the number and location of the implants and if any additional procedures may be necessary, such as bone grafting, depending on the patient’s unique needs.
  • Your Dentist will prescribe imaging techniques like CT ( 3D Tomography)   scans to understand how they want to conduct the procedure toward the expected outcome, including the healing period and aftercare length.



Can A Zygomatic Implant Be Combined with A Normal Dental Implant?



A zygoma implant can be combined with a traditional dental implant to provide additional support and stability. When a patient has a mix of healthy and weakened areas within the jawbones and traditional implants cannot be used in all regions, combining zygomatic and traditional implants can provide a more comprehensive, long-term, and stable solution to tooth loss.


Advantages Of Zygomatic Implant Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has been a hub of aesthetic procedures because of its highly equipped dental clinics like Ballipinar Implant in Antalya. Ballipinar Implant cost is affordable compared to other countries for these dental procedures. Ballipinar Implant in Turkey has high-quality medical facilities and advanced technology to ensure a successful and secure implant procedure.


Zygomatic Implant After Care

After getting a dental implant, maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, and do not smoke after implant placement because it can completely ruin the entire procedure and results. Do not skip any prescribed medicine, and avoid touching the surgery area with your hand. Sleep on your back to avoid swelling and discomfort in the mouth. Following these precautionary measures, you can avoid any possible side effects after implanting procedure.


Zygomatic implants offer a reliable and efficient solution for patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw, providing restored function and aesthetics to their smiles. Contact  with us to know more.


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