Emax Veneers

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Emax Veneers
Veneers are thin, tooth-colored coatings glued to the front surfaces of stained or broken teeth to fix the issue. One of the most frequently suggested types of Veneers for patients is Emax porcelain. The natural sheen and translucence of a healthy smile are naturally added to your teeth thanks to their amazing cosmetic look.

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Usage Areas of Emax Veneers

The Emax Veneer method is a newer procedure for cosmetic dentistry. It is the newest member of the Empress porcelain family, whose durability has been improved by employing glass ceramics in place of metal during the firing process. As a result, it has the appellation 'E-Max,' which stands for 'Maximum Empress.' Because of the lithium disilicate it contains, the material is more transparent and light-permeable. As a result, the Veneers that have been applied look more attractive and vivid.

  • They are employed to treat fractures and deformations of the front teeth.
  • It is one of the most popular ways to provide teeth with perfect alignment and a beautiful, healthy appearance.
  • It can withstand the pressure force produced by chewing and is useful for causing damage to little molar teeth.
  • Hollywood Smile designs typically use E-max Veneer due to its biocompatibility and natural appearance.
  • When teeth whitening application is insufficient, it is used to adjust the color tone of the teeth. Teeth yellow and stained result from excessive consumption of highly acidic and sugary beverages, long-term tobacco use, and the effects of some medicines.
  • It can be applied to close small gaps between teeth, known as diastemas.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Emax Veneers

The visible six to ten teeth in your smile often receive Veneers.

Emax porcelain Veneers are preferred above other types of Veneers for the following reasons:

  • With Emax porcelain Veneers, you can choose an exact color that matches the shade of your natural teeth: It will enable seamless integration with your natural teeth.
  • Minimum tooth extraction required and less discomfort: Since Emax Veneers are far more durable and resilient than conventional porcelain Veneers, little part of enamel needs to be removed.
  • Maintaining the integrity of your teeth - You can keep more of the natural structure of your teeth, and they are not compromised.
  • Change the size of your teeth - Depending on your particular requirements, you can make minor to major dental alterations.
  • Superior durability is provided by Emax Veneers, which are harder and thinner.

Some of its disadvantages are:

  • If the teeth are excessively stained, they should be bleached before Emax Veneers are placed.
  • If the teeth are too badly damaged, crowns might be suggested.
  • Intermediate crowns composed of zirconium are chosen if the patient clenches or grinds their teeth excessively or exhibits bruxism.
  • Each Emax Veneer is applied after the tooth has been prepped. Therefore, the procedure is permanent.

Aesthetic Advantages

As Veneers cover the entire tooth labial surface, the teeth' shade, and contour are coordinated. This results in very good aesthetic outcomes. Veneers also let you customize your aesthetic parameters by using distinctively coloured materials.

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How Are Emax Veneers Made?

Emax Veneers became a trend in cosmetic Veneers. Their Veneers are extremely thin—0.5 millimeters thick! They are manufactured in a lab from a block of porcelain, an extremely durable material. They are then separately hand-painted with a gloss touch to match the tint of your choice.

Lithium disilicate glass ceramic, used to make Emax porcelain Veneers, is known for its aesthetic appeal and exceptional strength. The tooth restoration is almost invisible owing to its characteristics, such as glass ceramic's translucency, opalescence, and light diffusion qualities, to match your natural tooth structure.

Application of Emax Veneers

Patients with stained teeth, chipped teeth, uneven gaps between teeth, crooked, misshapen, or misaligned teeth may explore Emax porcelain Veneers to whiten their smile.

At your initial appointment, the Dentist will have a look at your bite, tooth structure, and facial features to determine whether Veneers are a suitable option. Following that, we will create Emax porcelain Veneers specifically suited to your teeth, allowing you to 'test your new smile' before the Veneers are placed.

The appearance of your smile can now be changed by changing the color, size, or shape of your teeth. If the color of your teeth is not even throughout, Dentists may place many layers of Veneers on the teeth that are severely stained to make them appear more uniform.

When you're happy with your new smile, Dentists send the design for your Emax Veneers to their in-house lab.

Care of Emax Veneers

Maintaining your Veneers requires the same level of care as maintaining your natural teeth. Best ways to take care of Emax Veneers are:

  • Use a gentle toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste to clean the veneers.
  • Never bite onto something that is very hard.
  • Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth.

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The Difference Between Emax Veneers and Zirconium Veneers

While Emax Veneers are sometimes referred to as lithium silicate, Zirconium Veneers are made of zirconium oxide, a ceramic substance. It is used to create complete crowns to repair broken or damaged teeth. Emax Veneers have a translucent appearance, which enables you to give your teeth a more natural-looking appearance.

Zirconium Veneers, on the other hand, are used to create full or partial crowns to repair a tooth that has been damaged. You can choose the shade of zirconium Veneers that most closely resembles the color of your natural teeth because they are produced in various tones. Zirconium Veneers make your teeth look natural so you can feel more comfortable showing them off.

Are E.max Veneers Worth it?

E.max veneers are considered worth it for many individuals seeking a high-quality cosmetic dental solution. Here are some reasons why E.max veneers are often considered a worthwhile investment:

  • Natural Aesthetics.
  • Durability.
  • Stain Resistance.
  • Minimal Tooth Preparation.
  • Biocompatibility.

Considering all of these benefits of e.max veneers, it can be said that it is totally worth it to have e.max veneers. However, to determine if e.max veneers are suitable for you or not, it is always best to consult a dentist. Ballipinar Dental Centre is a place that offers e.max veneers in Antalya, where skilled dentists offer quality cosmetic dental services at affordable prices. For more information about e.max veneers and other dental treatments, you can contact Ballipinar Dental Centre.


Why Should You Choose Emax Veneer?

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Minimum thickness

Between 0.3mm and 0.5mm.


Incredibly durable and strong


Last as long as 20 years.

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