Metal Porcelain Crown

Learn everything you need to know about Metal Porcelain Crowns, including their benefits, how they are made, the procedure, and aftercare.
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Metal Porcelain Crown
Metal porcelain crowns are integral for patients who have damaged teeth. They are used to restore the shape and size of decayed teeth and protect it from additional damage. Metal porcelain crowns are more robust and durable than other dental crowns. Porcelain crowns can last 10 to 15 years, while metal porcelain crowns can last more than 25 years. Metal porcelain crowns are a perfect solution for all age groups, from young to old. Metal porcelain crowns are a massive task in repairing damaged teeth to look natural again. Ensuring your dentist has the training and experience to perform this treatment and assist you in renewing your smile is integral. This blog explores what you require to know about Metal porcelain crowns.

Usage Areas of Metal Porcelain Crowns

Metal porcelain can be used in vast areas to enhance the natural look of your teeth. Understanding which size of your teeth needs to be improved or restored is integral. A porcelain fused metal crown is perfect for front and back teeth. Dental crowns made of metal porcelain are more affordable than other porcelain crown types. The following are some of the usage areas of metal porcelain crowns:

  1. Restoring damaged or decayed teeth: Patients with decayed or damaged teeth, either from accident or illness, can use metal porcelain crowns to restore the teeth. They are perfect for your teeth as they fix your teeth and prevent their teeth from getting damaged further.
  2. Improving the appearance of teeth: Metal porcelain crowns can enhance the appearance of the teeth and make them look natural and fabulous. They can enhance the appearance of the teeth by covering discolored, misplaced, or unattractive teeth. 
  3. Supporting a dental bridge: Metal porcelain crowns can help a dental bridge by placing them on the teeth adjacent to the gap left by missing teeth. This provides a stable base for the dental bridge.

How Is Metal Porcelain Crown Made?

The mold of your treated tooth is used to construct your dental crown. Its shape is quite similar to that of the tooth it is replacing, and it can be cleaned and colored to match the neighboring teeth. When a metal base is used to make a dental crown covered with ceramic or porcelain, a thin metal coating is first produced around the ready tooth mold. The steps for creating a metal porcelain crown are the following:

  1. Preparation of the tooth
  2. Dental Impression
  3. Fabrication of the metal substructure
  4. Application of porcelain 
  5. Finishing and Polishing 
  6. Placement. 

Designing and creating a metal porcelain crown requires precision and attention to detail to ensure a substantial, durable, and aesthetically pleasing restoration. Contact Ballipinar Dental Clinic for high quality crowns.

Why Should You Choose Metal Porcelain Crown?

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Metal porcelain crowns are durable and fit more comfortably.


They are translucent in color. Therefore, ensure the closest color matches your natural teeth.


Metal porcelain crowns are also an excellent choice for individuals who have a small room between their teeth.

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