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Transformative Dental Implants Services

What Is an Implant and to Whom Can It Be Applied?

Dental Implants are carried out to replace or restore missing or damaged teeth completely. The procedure consists of replacing the diseased tooth and tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts instead of just a portion of the lost or damaged tooth, as with other dental prosthesis treatments. 

Dentures or bridgework that fall short of providing the desired strength and natural appearance might be replaced with dental Implants. Most often, this treatment is selected if bridgework or dentures are ineffective. They are inserted into the jawbone to restore missing teeth from tooth roots.

Dental Implant surgery is a safe option for patients who are 18 years and above. 

Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment 

Dental Implants have several benefits, including:

➤Improved facial appearance: Dental Implants look similar to natural teeth. They will bring back your naturally beautiful smile.

➤Speech improvement: Uncomfortable dentures may cause you to stammer while you speak. Dental Implants enable you to speak without being concerned that your fixtures may fall off.

➤Enhanced comfort: When The Implant is inserted, the existing palate will be replaced, thus increasing your quality of life. 

➤Easier to eat: Sliding dentures may make chewing challenging. With dental Implants, you can easily and confidently enjoy your favorite dishes because they replicate the function of your original teeth.

➤Increase your self-confidence: Missing or damaged teeth can impair your confidence. Dental Implants not only restore your teeth but your confidence too.

➤Enhanced dental health: Dental Implants do not require the extraction of neighboring teeth, whereas a tooth-supported bridge does.

➤Durability: Implants have a long lifespan and are durable. Almost all Implants last a lifetime with good care.

➤Convenience: Dental Implants have eliminated the requirement for messy adhesives or the necessity to remove dentures in public.

Things to Consider Before Implant Treatment

Dental Implants are becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to restore patient's smile but there are several essential points to consider before undergoing this procedure

  • A sufficient amount of healthy bone in your jaw is needed to anchor the Dental Implant. There should also be enough healthy gum tissue at the placement site for the potential Implant.
  • Make sure your oral health is at its best before getting Dental Implants – this means addressing any tooth decays or gum diseases.
  • The recovery period will be determined by the patient's anatomy and on the dates determined by the 
  • You can contact specialist clinics and Dentists and start your dental treatment step by step.
  • Any medication consumed by the patient before arrival at the clinic will be evaluated online.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

At the first consultation, you will be asked about your current diseases, the treatments you receive and the drugs you use, with a welcome form. Based on this form, the Dentist will make the necessary explanations.

On your first arrival at the clinic itself, your dental structure will be thoroughly examined and evaluated during the first consultation visit with the specialist. You will have your consultation appointment with your Panoramic X-ray and 3D Tomography taken. In this way, you will discuss face to face with your Oral Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist on your recent Panoramic X-Ray and 3D Tomography for the application of Dental Implants along your jaw bone. In the case of application of Dental Implants along the upper jaw, The Oral Surgeon will also discuss the Sinus Pockets and need of Bone Grafting treatments during the application of Dental Implants.

The Treatment Procedure

You will get a local or general anesthetic to manage pain before the procedure. Your Dental Implant will select the best course of processes for you. There are several standard steps to the treatment: After removing the damaged tooth, the jawbone may need to undergo bone grafting before The Implant is inserted. The clinic does not charge tooth/teeth extraction fee for Implant patients. Dental Implant will be applied right after the extraction of the tooth/teeth. 

Before the abutment is inserted, the transplanted bone must have enough time to develop and heal. The procedure will take a few weeks, not including the recuperation period. The number of visits, treatments, and materials will be planned based on how quickly you heal. The Implant must be fully fused to the bone before the abutment is placed, the healing time will be clarified by the Dentist.

Once your gums heal, your new artificial teeth will be created by taking impressions of your mouth and natural teeth. The most realistic-looking prosthetic tooth is made and installed on the surgical site, where Dental Implants are inserted with these impressions as measurements.

Post-Implant Considerations

The Oral Surgeon will give painkillers and antibiotics if necessary after The Implant surgery. It is advised to eat soft food such as soup, pasta at room temperature, and avoid eating hard food and applying pressure to the surgical area until the stitches dissolve.

Some necessary actions will benefit your dental work and lengthen the life of your remaining natural teeth. 

In order to keep your oral hygiene, the Implant brushes are recommended to keep your gum and Implant for long term future.

Are There Alternatives to Implant Treatment?

When a patient has missed teeth, it's natural to consider filling the gaps with Dental Implants. These can be convenient and long-term solutions for many patients. However, depending on the patient's oral health and preferences, alternative treatments may include Dental Bridge, Dentures, or Implant-supported Dentures. 

Each approach involves restoring the missing teeth with structures supported by neighboring teeth, existing bones, and gums. Furthermore, dental crowns will provide support and stability if placed correctly for those who want an even quicker solution for their missing teeth problem. 

Ultimately, every patient is unique and should speak to their Dentist to decide the best approach for them and their needs.

Pursue Your Dental Implant Treatments With Ballipinar Dental Centre

Dental Implants can impact the way you carry out your daily tasks. Being able to smile confidently or chew the food you love can all be tampered with if dental pain is bothering you. Ballipinar Dental Centre is one dental facility that offers the best dental treatment for reasonable prices. Our services and facilities are added with great care and consideration for the patient's dental hygiene. Having trained and experienced Dental Team make it possible for patients to get their dental procedures without apprehension. 

How Much Are Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location, the dentist's experience, implant treatment planning steps, the type of implant used, dental implant procedure, the number of implants required, the dental implant process, and any additional policies that may be necessary.The cost of dental implant Turkey was generally more affordable compared to many Western countries. Dental implant grants provide financial assistance for individuals seeking a dental implant procedure. Dental implant insurance covers the cost of dental implant procedures for eligible individuals. Titanium is the best material for dental implant due to its biocompatibility and strength.


What Are the Dental Implant Parts?

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The Implant Screw is made from titanium and inserted into the jawbone during the surgery

Provides Support

The abutment then attaches The Implant Crown to The Implant Screw and provides support by keeping The Implant in place.


Implant Crown completes the whole assembly - it can be customized to match your existing teeth in color and shape perfectly

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