Sinus Lift Surgery: Step-by-Step Process

Learn about the Sinus Lift Treatment, a common procedure to prepare for dental implants. Discover the cost, procedure and aftercare.
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Sinus Lift Surgery: Step-by-Step Process

Sinus Lift Treatment

Sinus lift treatment is a surgical method performed to augment the bone height in the upper jaw, specifically in the region of the premolars and molars. When the bone height to support the implantation of dental implants is not enough, it is time for therapy. The sinus membrane is lifted during this surgical intervention, creating a gap between the sinus and jawbone where a bone graft is positioned. The primary objective of a sinus lift procedure is to establish a robust and stable foundation to accommodate the placement of dental implants.

Usage Areas of Sinus Lift Treatment

A sinus lift is utilized to add bone to the upper jaw where the molars and premolars occur. The maxillary sinuses are on the side of your nose, close to the cheek bones. When teeth in this location are lost, the bone structure may contract, and the sinus may enlarge to fill the void. As a result, implanting dental implants in the residual bone may be challenging, which is why the sinus lift is necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sinus Lift Treatment

The main benefit of a sinus lift is that it can allow patients who would otherwise be unable to receive dental implants from having them. A sinus lift can provide the necessary structure to support the implants by adding bone to the upper jaw. However, the procedure has drawbacks. It is a surgical procedure, so it carries some risk of complications. Additionally, it can be more expensive and time-consuming than other implant procedures.

Application of Sinus Lift Treatment

Before undergoing a sinus lift, your dentist or oral surgeon will take a panoramic X-ray and 3D tomography to evaluate your bone structure and the position of your sinuses. An incision in the gum tissue is conducted to reveal the underlying bone during the surgery. The surgeon will cut a small bone window and push the sinus's membrane lining upward. After filling the resulting space with bone graft material, the incision is sealed. Over time, the graft material will fuse with the existing bone, creating a stable base for dental implants.

Why Should You Choose Sinus Lift Treatment?

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If you're considering dental implants, a sinus lift may be necessary to provide the structure of bone required to support them.


A sinus lift can enable more patients to have dental implants, which are a well-liked and efficient method of replacing missing teeth.


If you've been informed you lack sufficient bone for dental implants, a sinus lift can be a suitable option

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