Mehmet Seda Yetis All on Six Implant Treatment Journey

Author: Ballıpınar Marketing Team
Posted on
May 4, 2024
Updated on
May 4, 2024

In recent years, many patients have experienced a complete change in their dental aesthetics with the introduction of the All on Six implants. This dental treatment has been a life-changing option for most people who have lost a lot of teeth or are dissatisfied with their dental composition. This article provides you with the advantages of an All-on-6 implant and the journey of an individual who received a flawless treatment from a quality implant brand.

Steps to Mehmet Winning Smile

Mehmet Seda Yetis was our previous patient who has been struggling with a long-term dental issues like bone resorption that has cost him the loss of several teeth, and those that remained were badly damaged and discolored. He was a meticulous person seeking a top-quality dental brand that can provide a lasting solution to his problem. In his careful quest for an ideal treatment plan, he came across Ballipinar Dental Centre after carrying out deep research about the clinic's reputation from different sources like Google, Trustpilot, Proven experts, and lots more. After Mehmet's thorough research, the following steps were carried out.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Assessment

Mehmet applied for an online consultation service with Ballipinar Dental Centre – a program that allowed him to meet with professional Dentists. In addition, Ballipinar dental experts accessed his bone density, overall oral health, and dental topography with the help of the Panoramic X-ray images and oral visuals he provided. Also, this online consultation gave him a chance to express his concerns, goals, and expectations regarding the treatment at his comfort.

Following the brief assessment, the Ballipinar Dental expert outlined a customized treatment plan and also explained the various treatment packages and services that will help Mehmet's quick recovery and general health. With the various techniques and services presented by the specialist and the remark from his dental friend, Mehmet decided to have the All on Six Implants at Ballipinar Dental Centre alongside the full package treatment services.

Step 2: Proper Dental Examination and Treatment Procedures

As part of the steps to obtain better dentition, Mehmet treatment was planned across two visits to the Ballipinar Dental Clinic. On his first visit, an in-depth examination of his oral cavity was carried out with 3D tomography. This specialized CT scan was further used to obtain an advanced-quality image of Mehmet's upper and lower jaw which helps the medical provider determine the specific site for the Implant. However, as part of the technique to achieve an exceptional operation, the dentist performed the following procedures:

  • Anesthesia: Before the commencement of the procedure, the Oral Surgeon administered a local anesthetic alongside sedation to provide Mehmet's comfort.

  • Tooth Extraction: This is a common dental procedure that involves the complete removal of unwanted or deformed natural teeth from its socket. Alongside this pulling process, harmful microorganisms like bacteria are also extracted.

  • Bone Grafting: Also known as transplanting of bone tissue was executed by applying calcified substance similar to bony tissues to the damaged jaws.

Step 3: Surgical Placement and Healing

Sequel to the medical procedures, the next step of action carried out by the oral surgeon is as follows:

  • Sinus lift: To ensure the rigidity of the implant at the upper jaw, the sinuses above the premolar and molar teeth of the maxillary bone were filled with sufficient bone.

  • Dental Implant Placement: This strategy entails the surgical placement of a ceramic post both in the upper and lower jaw bones, serving as the root for the artificial teeth.

  • Membrane Therapy: To enhance Mehmet's healing process, a therapeutic approach was executed by the Ballipinar expert to replace damaged oxidized lipid membranes, restore their function, and improve his oral health.

  • Fitting of Temporary Prosthesis: The first visit treatment will be completed in five days, and temporary porthesis will be provided furing the healing period.

The attached prosthetic which is highly adjustable and also susceptible to changes in the volume of the residual jaw was given a few months before the second visit. During this period, several follow-up visits were carried out by Ballipinar Dental Centre to check the oral condition and ensure proper osseointegration of Dental Implants, and general well-being.

Step 4: Permanent Prosthetic Arch Placement and Completion

Three months later, Mehmet returned for his second visit following a successful healing process of the implant with the jawbone. Before the start of his final treatment procedure, he was taken to the diagnostic department where a digital dentistry test was performed, and a quick examination of his jaw with the aid of 3D tomography was executed before the final phase.

With the aid of the image, the Oral Surgeon secured a Straumann BLX implant – zirconia coating prosthetic arch, which consists of porcelain dentures and artificial gums. Furthermore, these attached permanent prosthetics were designed to the conformity of the temporal implant providing a seamless life-like set of teeth that aid convenient mastication.

Additionally, the Ballipinar implantologist also carried out a variety of procedures as follows to ensure that the prosthetic arch fits properly and feels comfortable.

  • Examine the Implant's central placement.

  • Verify that his face's midline is positioned correctly.

  • Check the alignment of the upper and lower midlines.

  • Analyze the occlusal plane

  • Measure the anterior teeth's height and ensure a gingival tissue length of not more than 2mm while smiling.

  • Ensure uniform occlusion of the teeth with a bit-down technique.

  • Check the appearance of the lips and ensure they aren't flushed or drawn in.

Dental Implant Care

After the completion of the implant, Ballipinar Implant periodontitis gave Mehmet some basic self-care techniques that will enhance his dental health and also prevent damage. Some of these oral hygiene habits are:

  1. Regular Brushing of Teeth: The Dentist advised him to always brush his teeth twice a day, as it is the best way to keep the Implant in good condition. He was also instructed to use toothpaste designed for implants with a soft bristle toothbrush. Furthermore, he was told to brush all teeth surfaces and the gum lines.

  2. Use a Floss: Flossing is an essential oral hygiene process that helps to get rid of plaque and good debris surrounding the implant or located within the spaces. However, to aid effective flossing procedure, the healthcare provider employs him to use a floss threader or the Waterpik flossing technique.

  3. Mouth Rinsing: An important part of keeping dental implants healthy is rinsing the mouth properly after eating as it assists in getting rid of bacteria and bolus retained after eating. Therefore, as part of the maintenance strategy, the Dentists recommend the use of an antibacterial mouthwash particularly made for Dental Implants.

  4. Frequent Dental Check-up:To keep the Implants in perfect condition and to maintain outstanding dental health, it's important to always reach out to a Dentist for examination and cleaning. Once the implants have been cleaned and polished to get rid of plaque and tartar accumulation, the dentist will inspect them for any indications of wear or damage.

Benefits of Mehmet All-on-6 implant?

The placement of an All-on-six implant in Mehmet's jaws provides various advantages compared to traditional dentures. This treatment solution was specifically suggested by his dental expert as it emerged as a complete solution for a wide range of oral health issues. Therefore, some of the benefits of Mehmet oral treatments with All on six Straumann BLX Implants are:

Provides Sturdy Base for Smile

Due to the stability of all-on-six implants, there was a great improvement in the way Mehmet smiles. Compared to traditional dentures, this implant entails the placement of six ceramic posts which are firmly positioned in the jawbone and also provide easy movement of the lips. As a result of this sturdy foundation of the prosthetic teeth, he is able to eat, smile, and speak conveniently.

Enhance Mastication Efficiency

With the all-on-six dental implant, Mehmet can enjoy his favorite dishes as it provides a convenient chewing process. Moreover, it is possible to chew more efficiently due to the extra Implants that uniformly share the mastication pressure. This Implant also grants him the opportunity to break bony meals and eat crunchy foods comfortably.

Improve Facial Appearance

Additionally, these implants preserved his original facial features while still having a restored smile. The implant also preserves his jaw structure and avoids bone loss, giving him an energetic and youthful appearance unlike before. Due to its exceptional whitish coloration, Mehmet looks more handsome and unique as the implant provides more atheistical features to his face especially when he smiles.

Boost Self-Esteem

Sometimes, Mehmet often has low self-esteem because of his teeth deformity and discoloration and in most cases, finds it difficult to smile or talk without any restriction. However, with the all-on-6 implant, provides a comfortable feeling that enhances his self-esteem. In addition, this implant also grants him the opportunity to speak and laugh freely without any restrictions in public and with friends.

Durable and Long-lasting

All-on-6 dental implant is a long-lasting treatment solution that can improve overall dental health. They are usually made of Prosthetic materials which are remarkably known for their durability and ability to be used for a long time. Therefore, this implant provides Mehmet with a dependable solution that can last for many years and reduce the cost of regular replacement and adjustment when properly managed.

Easy Upkeep

The cost of maintenance of these oral treatments is very easy as it can be taken care of in the same way natural teeth are kept hygienic. Unlike removable dentures that need to be taken out every day before cleaning, the upkeep of this type of implant often entails regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visitation which are some of the things Mehmet Dentist recommended.

Importance of Choosing High-Quality Implant Brand

Mehmet’s dental implant was a success and also a treatment experience full of fun and more. Although, he was initially reluctant and meticulous about choosing a clinic that could help him actualize his goal. However, his careful selection process provided him with a high-quality implant brand like Ballipinar Dental Centre.

You may be thinking, does a dental implant's brand matter? Yes, it does. In Mehmet's case, for example, Ballipinar Dental Centre is a dental brand that played a great role in his treatment journey from the beginning to the end such as the provision of readily available dental experts, exceptional medical treatment, etc. Part of their impact is the provision of seamless healthcare services like the full treatment package option that combines treatment with leisure and provides stress-free accommodation for international patients like him.

Another benefit that Mehmet also had at Ballipinar Centre is the provision of a satisfying and comfortable treatment all through the journey. He also received constant checks before and after the permanent prosthetic arch placement.

In summary

All on Six implants present an outstanding approach for individuals in search of a sturdy, functional, and visually appealing substitute for their traditional dentures or other dental restoration alternatives. Due to their sophisticated design and technical build-up, they offer a rigid and comfortable base for a stunning lifelong smile that resembles nature. All-on-Six is a treatment method that requires professionalism and careful implantation because if not properly done, several complications can arise.

Therefore, are you an individual like Mehmet who is meticulously looking for a quality implant brand that will provide seamless teeth treatment second to none? You can take a step towards a winning smile by reaching out to quality implant brands like Ballipinar Dental Centre. They are dental clinics with professional digital dentistry readily available online and are known as the leading brand worldwide. In addition, they provide treatment packages and services like no other as their full package offers hotel and transfer services that combine treatment with vacation.

You can reach out to them by booking a consultation service by an Oral Surgeon. Reach out to them today and get a charming smile that improves general health.