Alexander Bornikov's Zygomatic Implant Experience

Author: Ballıpınar Marketing Team
Posted on
May 4, 2024
Updated on
May 4, 2024

Alexander Bornikov was our patient from Russia. Alexander's life took a bumpy road when he started facing teeth decaying issues. Alexander gradually started losing the majority of his teeth due to inappropriate oral hygiene. Of course, the loss of teeth had a significant impact on his life.

The impact was not only confined to eating, drinking, and speaking but also to his confidence, his appearance, and his overall personality. He could not eat the food he wanted. He started cutting off ties with his friends and family. Also, due to his toothlessness problem, his jaw bone also started losing significantly, which further deteriorated his condition.

Teeth are protected and remain fixed in the jaw bone. As it is a live tissue, jaw bones continuously remold themselves by removing old cells and forming new ones. Normally, the rate of bone formation is higher than bone degeneration. But as you lose your teeth, the jaw bone does not get stimulation to maintain its density and its form. As a result of this, the process of resorption starts in the body where jaw bones are reabsorbed by the body, leading to its shrinkage.

That’s exactly what happened with Mr. Alexander. This can be a real setback for any individual but especially for a gourmand. He started exploring treatment options by visiting local Dentists, and it was then he was advised for removable dentures. With new dentures, he hoped to have the earlier life back where he would comfortably chew, speak, and eat as usual. Sadly, his hope was short lived because it significantly affected his life. It all started with some precautions and food restrictions and ended with completely banishing some food from his palate.

Alexander was not happy at all; instead, his problems were aggravated. He had to remove his dentures every night, he could eat hard meat (which he loved like anything else), he had to take care of his dentures like a baby, and a lot more.

It was too much for him. He decided to look for an experienced dental clinic that could suggest to him a reliable, safe, comfortable and long-lasting solution for his problem. That’s when one of his friends suggested Ballipinar Dental Clinic in Turkey which had undergone almost similar dental implant procedure two years ago. His problem was more or less similar to Alexander’s, and in these two years, he has been quite happy with the treatment he received.

Challenges and initial consultation:

Initially, he took advice from almost ten clinics at different locations before Ballıpınar Dental Clinic. He went to Germany and even Istanbul to find a reliable solution. Unfortunately, at every clinic, he got almost the same reply i.e. he does not have enough bone left to undergo implants. dentures were the only possible solution for him. He was devastated, and he could not imagine the rest of his life with dentures.

But when he arrived at Ballipinar Dental Clinic, he got his smile back (YES, even before the treatment). Because it was the first time he had received a positive response from any dental center, First time, he got to know that his condition could be treated. He would be able to smile again with pride and confidence. He would be able to eat meat, a desire that seems unfulfilled since ages. He would be able to live a normal life like others without any hustle and bustle of taking care of artificial teeth every now and then. He was elated, and it looked on his face, and we were equally happy as Ballipinar Dental Clinic is the place where we always strive to bring a genuine smile for our patients and we could see it clearly.

Treatment decision and process:

There are several dental Implant procedures available at Ballipinar Dental Clinic such as All on four, All on six, and Zygoma Implants. To determine which procedure suits the Alexander’s condition, we had to undergo a detailed 3D tomography examination. Our Dentists could clearly figure out that he had major teeth and bone loss, and for a condition like this Zygomatic dental Implant treatment is the best solution.

Of course, it was a new procedure for him, and he wanted to know every detail of the procedure, so we explained it to him in details.

We told him that Zygomatic Implants are a groundbreaking development in Dental Implant technology and have proved to be a game-changer for people who have undergone major bone loss in their upper jaw. While regular Implants rely on strong and healthy jaw bones, Zygomatic Implants provide an alternate sturdy foundation for the replacement teeth (and that too without bone grafting).

Unlike traditional Dental Implants, Zygomatic implants are longer and anchored into the zygomatic bone, a part of your cheekbone. That means they will totally bypass the area with less bone and go deeper to provide a secure and reliable foundation for your teeth. And with this, we also explained to Alexander the overall benefits of Zygomatic Implants on the overall health of an individual.

As the procedure does not require bone grafting, the surgeries and treatment time are reduced considerably.

  • Easy dental restoration with less daunting and more comfortable procedure

  • As the patient gets the stable base, he can easily bite and chew the food like natural teeth.

  • If a patient faces pronunciation problems due to loss of teeth, Zygoma Implants bring noticeable improvement in such people, boosting their confidence,

  • Due to shrinkage of the jaw bone, patients get sunken appearance, but zygomatic implants give the required stimulation to your jaw bones, giving you a natural appearance.

  • The procedure can last for a lifetime if given appropriate care.

On enquiring about the Zygomatic Implant material, we explained to him that at Ballipinar Dental Clinic, we use Zygomatic Implants made of titanium, a safe metal used in oral surgery treatment procedures. As it is a biocompatible metal, it does not have any effect on the body cells. For other Dental Implants, we also keep PEEK based and Zirconium Dental Implants. Though their sturdiness is lesser than titanium, they are more compatible than titanium based dental implants.

After hearing about the Zygomatic Implant's effectiveness, Alexander readily agreed to the treatment procedure. We decided to complete the procedure in two visits.

On the day when Alexander first visited us, our Oral Surgeons and Anesthesiologist reviewed his overall health and took details of his medical history. The 3D tomography examination already proved that he was the right candidate for the procedure, we further used this examination to know the quality and volume of his zygomatic bone. It helped us to plan precise implant placements. Also, our professional experts examined his gums, jaws, and remaining teeth to check if there could be any potential issues during the treatment.

After all the required examinations, we decided on a suitable date for the implant procedure.

The day arrived, and we met Alexander again. Our healthcare experts examined his health. At Ballipinar, we ensure that each one of our patients moves ahead for surgery without any speculations. Once again, we confirmed if he was okay with the surgery, and he said YES.

The implant placement procedure:

Firstly, you must know that Zygomatic Implant placements are highly technical and intricate procedures that need expertise and precision. The Ballipinar Dental Team holds that experience and has the right precision to do the treatment.

Alexander had Zygomatic Implant treatment under genel anesthesia by our experienced anaesthesiologists.

The procedure starts with the surgeon navigating the anatomy of the facial bones and structure. This is done to find the most secure and correct position for placing zygomatic implants. After that, the surgeon made fine incisions in his zygomatic bone. As the zygomatic implants are longer (about 50mm), our surgeons ensured that incisions are done at the densest part of the zygomatic arch to ensure firm holding. These incisions reveal the underlying bone.

Once the incisions were made, Oral Surgeons meticulously inserted implants into the zygomatic bone. After placing the implants, surgeons repositioned the gum tissue and sutured them to facilitate fast healing.

These implants will be the support system for the replacement teeth for the rest of his life. After this procedure, we asked Alexander to rest for some time to allow osseointegration. This is the process where implants get fused with the bone to facilitate a natural support system. During the healing time, we placed temporary dentures on the implants so that he did not feel uncomfortable with the implants.

After the procedure, we explained some aftercare tips and post operative effects he may undergo. It included:

  • Painkillers were prescribed as he may feel some pain when the effect of anesthesia goes away.

  • We suggested he use some cold compress to suppress any swelling or bruising on the surgical site. Swelling may typically subside in a few weeks.

  • We also prescribed him some oral medications that included antibiotics. Also, we asked him to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, which included flossing, rinsing, and gentle brushing.

  • For some initial days, we recommended him to take a soft diet.

  • Avoid touching the surgical area

  • Try sleeping on your back so that you do not feel swelling and discomfort in your mouth.

  • We also asked him to completely stay away from smoking as it can completely ruin the implant procedure and its results.

After the healing period, Alexander returned for his second visit. Our surgeons examined his Implants and confirmed that they had been completely healed. When our Oral Surgeons confirmed that everything was good, they installed permanent dentures.

Even after the final installation, we suggested following some tips for a few months. We also asked him to come for follow-up check-up appointments.

We were continuously in touch with Alexander until he got back to his normal life. Now, he does not need to follow any precautions. Just a daily oral hygiene routine was recommended.

After a few months, we received a call from Alexander. His tone of voice could clearly tell that he was very happy. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for turning his dream into reality, and this elation was because he was able to eat his favorite meat again. He could do it without any pain and discomfort. Surely, that was one of the best days of his life after treatment, as he always wished for the same. We were equally delighted as with our team’s efforts, we could bring joy in someone’s life.

He also shared a video with having his favorite meal. Here it is:

Zygoma implants not just proved to be a dental procedure for Alexander, it was also a life changing event for him. At Ballipinar, we harnessed the power of this advanced dental solution to give Alexander the best possible oral health solution suitable to his condition.

At Ballipinar Dental Center, we embrace a myriad of dental issues and thus, our patients can get comprehensive and individual care. We always ensure that each patient’s journey is comfortable, safe, successful, and informed. We have always strived to give personalized treatment plans to bring the best possible oral health outcomes, and the case of Alexander Bornikov is one such example. There are other hundreds of patient stories which demonstrate our skill, expertise, and commitment towards our work.

If you are also facing any dental issues, our comprehensive solutions can offer a beacon of hope for your dental challenge. Our experienced, compassionate, and dedicated Dental Team, with its innovative approach, leaves no stone unturned to provide you with the best possible personalized care and treatment. We promise you to bring a positive change in your life with our effective dental solutions.